Mr Stress

A blog exploring the world of alternative therapy that originally appeared in Mens’ Health.

  1. art Art Therapy - FLUFFY WHITE CLOUDS IN A BLUE SKY. I’ve glued two piles of sequins beneath them. I’ve added some wavy lines at the bottom of the page and a green swirly bit off to one side, and stuck a little shiny disc in the middle. I am wearing a big shirt. I am holding a paintbrush. […]
  2. Overtones Overtone Singing - “OOOOOOOOWAAAAAAAA YEEEEEEEE”. I am in the chapel of a Tudor manor house. The man sitting cross-legged opposite me looks normal enough. The noise coming from his mouth, however, sounds anything but normal. “Weeeeeeeeyaaaaaawoooooooooo”. Imagine, if you will, a Buddhist monk singing in the shower. Then superimpose a high-frequency whine, like a radio tuning in to […]
  3. Walking over me Turkish Bath - SOLLY’S TESTICLES WOULD NEVER HAVE ENTERED MY FIELD OF VISION if it wasn’t for the taxi driver. It was all his fault. I hold him personally responsible. I’d grabbed a taxi in a vain attempt to put my morning back on schedule. I’d overslept. Cut myself shaving. Then Southeastern Railways had run one of those […]
  4. img063 Holistic horse-riding. - I’M STANDING IN A PADDOCK ATTEMPTING TO BOND WITH A HORSE. What i’m trying to do is push him sideways. Physically shoving him, that is. One hand on his neck, the other just behind his shoulder. It’s not a manoeuvre I’ve ever attempted before. By the look on the horse’s face, I’d say he hasn’t […]
  5. colonicpic1 Colonic Hydrotherapy - BEFORE WE START, A WORD OF WARNING. What you are about to read is not for those of a nervous disposition. Or the elderly, the squeamish, the easily offended or pregnant women. Matters are about to be raised here that are not to be bandied about in polite company. Delicate matters. Not to put too […]